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Hope this letter finds you in excellent spirits.

Let me first introduce myself. I am a filmmaker, who believes in doing quality and innovative works. It is my search for people who support quality and meaningful works that led me to IGODAP.

I have a film project, which deals with intense personal relations pegged in contemporary realities. This film scales international perspective and I believe, we could set new benchmarks with this production. I am sure this film could create ripples in international film circuits and could ensure its place in leading film festivals across the world.That is why I solicit support from a production house or independent producers/investors that could stand up to the challenges, in terms of vision and resources,that the project demands.

Dear Freinds, How we can raise fund for a movie production...
If you can give me some suggestions it is highly appreciated...
reji syne

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Hi Reji,


Try this link, it might give you a place to start. 



Best of Luck!!



Agreed! Kickstarter is a great place to promote causes and films!

kick starter is not for Nz people only people over seas we need Nz funders please thanks Paula admin of Paula's Literacy Charitable Trust Hamilton I need financial sponsorship also in nz

Hi Paula,

Kickstarter has just launched in NZ, so you should now be able to use it: https://www.kickstarter.com/newzealand

There is also an NZ based crowd-funding platform called PledgeMe: https://www.pledgeme.co.nz/

Last year Diversityworks Trust used PledgeMe to raise funds to print our kids book.  It's a wonderful platform for fundraising for small community based projects : )

Dear Reji, I am in a similar position to you, go tour local community council, go to fundview, go online and join other community funders, go to funding expos, go to business meetings and align with other people on the same page as you.

Are you in NZ or in another country?

my website is www.wowwaikato.co.nz

My project is educational for primary school children and tourists also.



IGODAP is funded by love and passion. If you'd like to add a few dollars, we'll write and say thanks!


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