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I am an artist and want to sell painting created by me, if you know someone or if you are interested do not hesitate to contact me. The paintings are abstract, fantasy, flowers, oil / acrylic on canvas, requires no frame, dated and signed front / back.
To read more about me and see my paintings clik here: http://marianaoros.weebly.com/

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Hi there

Do you have someone that can translate into English?   I'm interested in your writings re: your paintings...

Thank for your interest, if you want a translation  can be done with Google, copy and paste:

https://translate.google.ro/ , sorry I dont have a profesionist site because of financiar problem.

Every description of the painting is written on the site to every photos (see example below):

 ( Works available: Title: ...... Description: acrylic / canvas, size 100x50cm...., knife and brushing technique, requires no frame dated / signed in 2014. Price:...... Euro )

Some paintings are published in art books, it is specizat to the description like this: ( book title, year published by .... in the country ....)

Transport information: the paintings will be shipped flat on the hard wood by normal postal, and I will attach a Certificat of Authenticity.

Payment accept by Bank Transfer  ( in euro) or by Paypal ( in euro or £ ).

For more information dont hezite to contact me. Have a nice day.

artist Mariana Oros



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