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IGODAP is an ongoing project of Diversityworks Trust. Through IGODAP the Trust aims to connect artists who experience disability by sharing information, facilitating discussion and providing a platform for artists to share and promote their work.

We receive media releases, newsletters and other information from artists and arts organisations from around the world. We republish this material from third parties at our discretion in good faith for the benefit of our communities.

We rely on the integrity and judgment of the original source and take no responsibility for republishing names, correct or incorrect information or images that identify individuals.

To ensure we only share information intended for republishing, as of 2 March 2011, only information uploaded directly to the website or emailed to share@igodap.org will be republished.


Philip Patston



IGODAP is funded by love and passion. If you'd like to add a few dollars, we'll write and say thanks!


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