International Guild of Disabled Artists and Performers

West London Collaborative are looking for artists and poets to take part in a spoken word jam 'Words on Fleek’ in support of World Mental Health Day 2016, 10 October.

If you are 18-30 and have faced any type of mental or psychological distress which has affected your mental well-being or care about some who has and are able to reflect that in spoken word, they want to hear from you!

Join them at the Lyric Hammersmith 6-9pm to showcase your work. There are slots between 5 and 10 mins available - but you need to grab them quickly. Book your slot now: info@wecoproduce.com or call +44-203-427-3231

Also if you just want to head down for a great night out please do feel free to join us.

See poster below for further details

Book at Eventbrite.

Twitter: @wecoproduce #wordsonfleek

Facebook: /wecoproduce

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