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"Who Am I To Stop It" is a non-inspirational documentary film on artists with brain injury. We focus on quiet observation of the featured artists. The film explores the roles that art plays in people's lives for finding peace, peace of mind, connecting to their pre-injury lives, and connecting to community.

Brain injury often leads to serious isolation, stigma and sometimes difficulties accepting the changes you feel in yourself even years down the road after rehab and doctors' visits have long ended. Yet it is not all sensational stories of wrecks and comas or tragedy. Life and relationships with brain injury have just as much nuance and complexity as life without.

Co-director Cheryl Green lives with effects of traumatic brain injury, which prompted her to partner with experienced documentary filmmaker Cynthia Lopez to bring to life these intimate stories and images.

This clip contains original music by Brandon Michael Scarth and Danielle Sanderson, who are featured in the film.

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Comment by Cheryl Green on March 1, 2014 at 2:29pm

This is just a brief taste to show off our featured artists and show how our documentary will be observational and non-sensationalizing. I have disability from traumatic brain injury, so this is a film being made from within the community.


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