What’s happened to IGODAP?!

Further to previous emails about the future of IGODAP, Diversity New Zealand has decided to keep it as part of its network of blogs and projects. For consistency, we have moved IGODAP to the WordPress.com platform.

Profile pages

The change means a little less functionality, unfortunately — there is no longer a self-managing profile function. There is, however, a members section and we are happy to upload as much information as we can to create individual member pages. If you would like this, please email members@igodap.org with your information.

Staying in touch

To keep receiving updates from IGODAP, please follow the blog. You’ll see the follow form on the right-hand side of the site. Either enter your email address and click [Follow] or, if you’re already a WordPress user and are logged in you will only need to click [Follow].

Sharing information

You can still share information by emailing share@igodap.org or by filling in the form on the Share page.


The new site features an open Discuss page. Your first post will be moderated, after which you will be able to post directly. Check back often to keep up with the conversation!



  • Follow this blog to keep receiving updates from IGODAP.
  • Email members@igodap.org if you want to create a profile on the new platform.
  • Keep sharing information by emailing share@igodap.org or by filling in the form on the Share page.

Thanks for your continued support of IGODAP. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at igodap@diversitynz.com.



Philip Patston

Managing Director – Diversity New Zealand Ltd
Founder – IGODAP



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